Why Lithium CrossFit?

Lithium Crossfit was born from the love and passion of a group of friends that built their friendship by working out together for more than 7 years. Throughout these years they recognize the importance of how living a healthy life is easier when surrounded by a strongly bounded community. In this story we started like everyone else, with just a dream, and step by step it has become a reality.

“Since starting with Lithium, my lifestyle has changed for the better across the board. Not only have I become faster and stronger, but I have seen a drastic decrease in my stress level and an increase in my energy level. I have also seen a decrease in my desire for alcohol and caffeine. This gym is not just for the competitive "cross-fitters" but for people who just want to get into shape.”

Meet the coaches

More than trainers, our coaches will help you to be inspired so you can accomplish your goals in a fun environment.

Chris Howard

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2 and USAW (Olympic Weight lifting) L1.

Chris is our head coach. His background is in personal training, sports strength and conditioning. He’s been coaching athletes since 2012 across different sports and disciplines. Chris was a former professional rugby player and is fluent in English and German!

Michelle Garner

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2

Michelle became hooked on CrossFit in 2008 and started coaching in 2009. Since then, CrossFit has been her passion and enjoys learning new techniques and movements. She is a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, and she is also certified in CrossFit Football, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Mobility and CrossFit Kids. Michelle is also certified on Trigger-point Therapy. She is also a mom of two wonderful children.

Brian Carman

CrossFit Level 1

Brian was bitten by the CrossFit bug in 2013 and has been an avid fan ever since. On Brian’s own words: “I have been very lucky along my journey to train with some amazing people and have learned so much from them. Everyone from World Class Weightlifting coaches, CrossFit Games Athletes, Endurance coaches and Health and wellness coaches.”
In addition to CrossFit  he has 10 years of MMA/Krav Maga experience, Endurance (Eco-Challenge) racing experience, Triathlon, and many other sports in my background.
Brian has one simple coaching philosophy: “I never want to hear you say I Can’t… You can but just Not Yet”.